Linetec expands service throughout the Southwest

Linetec Managed Trucking travels the United States

Responding to customers across the Southwest, we have expanded our service and distribution to include Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Rob Seils, our South-Central territory sales manager, provides customers across the region with liquid painting, powder coating, and anodize finishing services for architectural aluminum. Examples of customers’ products include window and door systems’, storefront framing, sun shades, light shelves, canopies, column covers, panels and flat sheet.Rob Seils, Regional Sales Manager

As the nation’s largest independent architectural finisher, Linetec operates its own fleet of trucks providing customers with weekly pickup and delivery services. “This makes outsourced finishing an easy, turnkey operation. Customers get the benefit of a dedicated carrier, which provides convenient, safe and efficient transport of our customers’ material. They don’t need to spend time finding and scheduling a contracted hauler to make the delivery,” says Seils. “We know that material will be picked up and delivered on time and on schedule. Using experienced drivers, we also ensure material is loaded properly to protect against damage.”

“At Linetec, we offer several managed trucking options, including partial loads, which help manage freight costs by effectively sharing a truck with other customers in the delivery area,” adds Seils.

Further supporting its customers, Linetec recently published the first guide specification for shop-applied metal paint and anodize finishes. “Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for Metal 3-part Guide Specification” is available for download from our Linetec  website –

The document can be found in the “Architect Resources” section along with continuing education series presentations and other information. Visitors can also subscribe to the Linetec educational e-newsletter by emailing


Guide Specification for High-Performance Architectural Coatings

A new guide specification for factory-applied PVDF (Kynar®) and anodize finishes, Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for Metal, is available for download in 3-part CSI MasterFormat, from Linetec’s online Architect Resource Center.

Product finishing has always been a part of a project guide specification, but merely as a short description of the desired coating.  This guide specification not only ensures that the desired finish is specified, but also that the finish is applied with the best practices and technologies to guarantee the most durable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly finish for your project.

Formatted in Word and Word Perfect to be easily incorporated in your firm’s master specification and used as a basis for developing project specifications, this written guide specification delivers complete and concise aluminum finishing information.

The three parts of Linetec’s new guide specification are:

  • Part 1 – General – references for industry-specific standards; submittals to minimize liability; quality assurance including instructions for proper delivery, storage and handling; and warranties
  • Part 2 – Products – acceptable applicators and shop-applied finishes
  • Part 3 – Execution – adjusting for touch-up, cleaning after installation, and developing a schedule for shop-applied finishes

Download 05 0513 Shop-Applied Coatings for Metal guide specification in Word or Word Perfect from Linetec’s Architectural Resource Center.

This non-proprietary guide specification offers specifiable differences and best practices ensuring long-life and durability for your architectural projects.