Congratulations to Loewen’s 2017 award recipient: Linetec


Tim McLeod congratulations Rick Marshall 

Linetec is honored to announce that Loewen has selected our company as Supplier of the Year for 2017 and a recognized “valued supply partner to Loewen” for 10 years.

“In addition to excelling in supply during the course of 2017, Linetec has displayed innovation, service excellence and has embraced the spirit and principles of partnership that Loewen values,” stated Tim McLeod, Loewen’s purchasing manager. “We truly appreciate the support and supply excellence provided over the past year by Linetec and congratulate them on being the 2017 recipient.”

Humbly accepting the award, Rick stated, “Congratulations to everyone at Linetec for earning Loewen Window’s Supplier of the Year Award. There are lots of different suppliers involved with residential windows, so it’s a big deal to be selected from that group.  Loewen has grown into a very large customer for Linetec over the years. Thank you to everyone involved, and congratulations!”

The Loewen Supplier of the Year Award evaluates key performance categories including: on time delivery, quality performance, cost reduction initiatives, customer service, responsiveness and collaboration.

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New Jersey’s 3 Journal Square frames Manhattan views with Winco windows featuring dual color finishes by Linetec

Journal-Square-3-Jersey-City-NJ-Winco-(2)-web2Opened in June 2017, 3 Journal Square’s mixed-use 240-unit apartment building attracts New Jersey’s young professionals with a high-style aesthetic, modern performance and LEED® Silver certification. Hospitality-minded amenities include housekeeping services, a dog run, a yoga studio, curated art collection, 24-hour concierge services, a party room, ground-floor retailers and a rooftop deck with Manhattan skyline views. Framing the urban views and daylit interiors, Winco Windows supplied its 8250 Infinity Series windows, finished by Linetec, for the property’s 628 daylight openings.

Journal-Square-3-Jersey-City-NJ-Winco-(4)-webGeometric Façade Design

Designed by Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects, modular blocks of color define 3 Journal Square’s exterior, reminiscent of Mondrian’s artworks. Brought to life by Tocci Building Corporation, this geometric format gives the 13-story, 220,000-square-foot structure a more approachable scale. This modularity also is evident within the 10-by-7-foot daylight openings, which are composed of several rectangular window units.

In total, City Newark Glass Company installed 2,538 aluminum-framed Winco window units. “Once on site, it took us about six months to install all the windows,” says Al McLeod, Jr., president of City Newark Glass. “We’ve used Winco many times over the years and found it to be a reliable product.”

Contributing to product resiliency and beauty, Linetec applied a dual-color, painted finish to all of Winco’s windows, complementing the 3 Journal Square’s design across all planes and palettes. On the windows’ exterior, a light gray color was used to match the inset building façade of the same hue. Contrasting with this lighter portion, the surrounding exterior walls mask their size in dark gray and blue tones. Within these sections, a black finish emphasizes the outline of each window unit. On the interior, an ivory color was selected for its subtle ability to blend with most décor.

Journal-Square-3-Jersey-City-NJ-Winco-web2Durable Finishes, Sustainable Goals

The light gray, black and ivory finishes were blended in-house at Linetec and formulated using 70 percent PVDF resin-based coatings. As an environmentally responsible finisher, Linetec applies these high-performance painted coatings in a controlled facility that safely captures and destroys the VOCs present in liquid solvent-based paints before the finished products’ arrival on the building site. Under Linetec’s stringent processes, these finishes meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s (AAMA) 2605 industry standard, as well as minimize buildings’ maintenance costs and maximize long lifecycles.

Further contributing to the project’s sustainability goals, the aluminum used to produce Winco’s windows is an 82.5 percent recycled-content aluminum billet composition. After its useful life on the building, the aluminum framing members are 100 percent recyclable.

In addition to reducing waste, enhance visual appeal and improving durability, Linetec’s thermal improvement services also supporting LEED Silver criteria for energy-efficiency goals. For 3 Journal Square, Linetec added the insulating, thermal, polyamide strut to Winco Windows’ aluminum framing members. The strut separates the inside and outside metal, which greatly enhances a window’s thermal performance. This thermal break reduces the amount of heat transfer, therefore saving energy and increasing occupant comfort. At Linetec, thermal strut also presents a cost-effect opportunity for dual finishing options, such as specified on Winco’s windows.

Journal-Square-3-Jersey-City-NJ-Winco-(1)-webHistoric Revitalization

Since the 1920s, Jersey City’s Journal Square has been a business, transportation and entertainment hub. The Square earned its moniker as the site of The Evening Journal, and later, The Jersey Journal. In recent decades, the future site of 3 Journal Square had remained vacant for more than 30 years. Developers Hartz Mountain Industries and Panepinto Properties purchased the property from the City with a vision for revitalizing the area.

The recipient of an Urban Transit Hub tax credit and a tax abatement from the Jersey City, 3 Journal Square is part of the 244-acre Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan. The Plan’s purpose is “to foster the redevelopment of Journal Square, Jersey City’s central business district, by providing for transit-oriented development of new housing, offices, commercial, and public open spaces within walking distance to the Square and transit facilities.” Located steps from the PATH Station, 3 Journal Square connects tenants to Manhattan in 10 minutes. Most residents have little need fro a car as the property boasts a Walk Score of 98 out of 100.

A few units remain available at 3 Journal Square. Property manager, Greystar Real Estate Partners, showcases studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom units with rents starting at $1,915 for a studio and $4,100 for a three-bedroom.

3 Journal Square, 2935 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ  07306;

Church doors greet parishioners with the natural beauty and eternal appeal of wood, without the maintenance

St-Edwards-Church-(1-web)Seeking the look of wood without the maintenance, CMI Architectural Products turned to Linetec for help choosing the best finish option on the replacement doors for St. Edward Catholic Church.

Located in Minneota, Minnesota, the church’s doors are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, high winds and direct sunlight. With wood, these factors add up to ongoing, sometimes costly, maintenance issues. CMI’s aluminum doors minimize maintenance and, thanks to Linetec’s wood grain painted finishes, create the traditional aesthetic desired by the church’s leaders.

“The high-quality appearance not only greets parishioners from the building’s exterior, but also complements the real wood finishes on the interior,” said Jon Close, Linetec’s vice president of sales and marketing. “CMI’s doors on St. Edward provide a great example where the softness and warmth of wood is still desired and a hard, cleanable surface is still necessary. We’re also able to offer the preferred look of wood at less cost by using a dye sublimation, powder coat paint process.”

St-Edwards-Church-(2-2)-webLinetec’s Wood Grain Gold Series palette features 14 textured, wood grain patterns that meet the higher performance criteria of AAMA 2604. Additional finishes also are available as either textured or smooth in more than 50 wood grain patterns, these powder coat painted finishes meet the stringent standards of AAMA 2603 for color uniformity, specular gloss, dry film hardness and adhesion, as well as resistance to impact, chemicals, detergents, scratches, corrosion, salt spray and fading due to ultraviolet light. The coatings also are fire retardant, and resistant to water and humidity. Unlike natural wood, the finished aluminum does not swell, rot, warp or attract insects.

All of Linetec’s decorative, wood grain finishes may be selected for architectural products’ aluminum extrusions in lengths up to 24 feet and aluminum flat sheets in dimensions up to 4 by 12 feet. Supporting environmentally sound practices, these wood grain finishes utilize a powder coat process that does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Wood grain finishes can be specified with aluminum utilizing recycled content, and may be recycled after its product lifespan.

St-Edwards-Church-(3-web)Beyond the rich, warm look of wood, Linetec also can provide customers with marble and stone finishes, floral and camouflage patterns, animal prints or custom logo graphics.

Please contact us for personalized service in selecting the correct finish on your next project and for samples of our wood grain finishes.


bainbridgeBainbridge Island, WA – Pictured above is the rebuilt residence of Jeanie Ketcham. Four generations of her family called it home, but it was razed by a fire in 2012. In the reconstruction, Ketcham’s architect and builder chose Loewen windows with a Linetec finish to help recapture the feeling of living in the original house with its sweeping vista of Puget Sound.

For the full article about this home and the touching story behind it, head over to

Construction Specifier column addresses “Avoiding Color Variation with Anodize Finishes”

champagne range sample

Linetec Champagne anodize range sample

Learning from failures are some of the most difficult and most valuable lessons. Many times, failures can be avoided if we turned to those with more experience for advice. The Failures column in the January issue of Construction Specifier takes this approach issue and shares advice on “Avoiding Color Variation with Anodize Finishes.”

Authored by Linetec’s Tammy Schroeder explains the variables affecting color in the anodize process, and the challenges of achieving an exact color from run to run and load to load.

To minimize color variation, she offers five tips:

  1. Maintain metal consistency – The easiest way to ensure this is to work with one metal source/extruder per project and request all metal come from one lot of material.
  2. Do not mix aluminum alloys, as even mixed tempers will not produce uniform results – For best results, use 6063 alloys for extrusions and 5005 for flat sheet stock and fabricated parts. When structural alloy is required, 6061 and 5052 can be used, but will not give similarly acceptable results.
  3. Perform as much bending and forming as possible prior to finishing – Anodic films are very hard, and as a result most post-production bending causes the film to “craze,” which produces a series of small cracks in the finish, giving it a spider-web like appearance.
  4. Be aware of anodizing’s effect on welds – The heat developed from the welding process changes the metallurgy on nearby metal or heat-affected zones, causing localized discoloration (i.e. halo effect), so one should use the proper 5356 alloy welding wire and lowest heat possible.
  5. Select an anodizer that uses automation – This helps to reduce inconsistencies in the process.
dark bronze range sampeles

Linetec dark bronze anodize range samples

Click here to read the whole Failures column, and please contact us for personalized service in avoiding color variation and selecting the correct finish for your next project.

Linetec People to Know: Dale Burford

Burford-webQ:  Tell me about your job

A:  I’m a Senior Technical Engineer. My job entails working on processes to make improvements, troubleshooting problems that occur during production, and acting as a backup to our Environmental Compliance Engineer, Dave Linden.

I also talk and visit with customers and help them with issues they might be having in their processes or in the field.

Q: What did you do prior to Linetec?

A: Prior to Linetec I worked as an engineering supervisor at a water treatment chemical manufacturer in East St. Louis, Illinois. I managed a plant of 25 people and we manufactured water treatment chemicals in bulk and filled railcars and bulk trucks.  We serviced many Midwestern municipalities and large factories so that they could treat their waste water as well as drinking water for large cities.

Burford2-webQ: What is your favorite part of your job?

A:  I have always loved working with people. I enjoy working on teams to tackle problems. I’ve found the work ethic in Northern Wisconsin to be second to none.  Some of the people here inspire me with the commitment they have to their work-a great sense of pride in most everybody.

I love the sense of humor I’ve found in the people from Northern Wisconsin….something in the water up here?

Q: What poses the biggest challenges for you?

A:  Winter

Understanding the thick Northern Wisconsin accents….just kidding

As I sit here trying to think of an answer……only winter comes to mind!!!!!

I need to pick up a winter sport instead of binge watching Game of Thrones again.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years of doing your job?

A:  The growth for sure. I’ll have been here for 15 years in January and I’m still in awe of the size of the facility now…it’s awesome. Another thing is that I used to know most people, now I see new faces, and people, all the time. That’s a good thing…I was getting tired of all the old faces 🙂   For example, Denny Helgeson, in Paint Applications, celebrated 39 years  with Linetec a few weeks ago. I was telling some people in QA and one fellow said, “Wow, I wasn’t even born when he started here!”  I told Denny and we bold had a good laugh….

Burford3-webQ:  What is something you are looking forward to?

A:  Summer. Cooking out. Swimming. Site seeing. One of the reasons my wife and I love it up here is it’s so beautiful. Wausau is a beautiful city.

Q: What is something people don’t know about you?  

A:  I’ve played guitar most of my life. I was in a band for many years in Milwaukee. You might say I’m a Rock Star.

Dale is also our resident Sumo Wrestler referee.