Linetec honors long-term associates

Every two years Linetec hosts a Service Award Banquet to recognize the dedication of its associates having reached milestone anniversary dates. Associates and their guest were invited to Greenwood Hills Country Club on Saturday, April 7th for an evening of fun, recognition and thanks.

10 yr associates: Chad A, Cara B, Tim B, Dan B, Brad B, Keith C, Robin C, Travis D, Mike F, Joleah F, Joel G, Matt H, Adam H, Andy J, James J, Jason K, Pete K, Chris M, Boone P, Jeremy P, Jackson S, Roberto S, Scott S, Deb S, Barb S, Tom S, Dave S, Lisa U, Michy V, Kip V, Cliff W, Cher X

15 yr associates: Mark A, Chris B, Mark B, Paul B, Dale B, Jon C, Lynn C, Chris K, Gina K, Shane L, Megan L, Brian S, Dan T, Doug W

20 yr associates: Dameon B, Pam C, Jason G, Jayne G, Mike K, Hilda K, Chris K, Wa Pao L, Jeanne M, Ryan M, Eric M, Ron S, Jackie S, Dawn T, Dennis W, Lue Y

25 yr associates: Aric I, Jeff K, Brian R

30 yr associates: Jon B, Brian G, Russell H, Rick L, Todd P, Brian R, Calli S, Bob W, Don W, Roger Z

35 yr associates: Denny H, Dale R

40 yr associate: Jerry H

50 yr associate: Mark H

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