Linetec’s Copper Anodize finish featured in Building Enclosure

TForge_2300-webBuilding Enclosure recently featured Linetec’s finishing services in an article about New York’s The Forge, a 272-unit luxury residential tower in Long Island pursuing LEED Silver certification. Designed by FXCollaborative, its distinctive, artistically inspired, industrial-influenced exterior façade showcases Linetec’s copper color anodize on 92,000 square-feet of Dri-Design’s aluminum wall panel system.

While The Forge is a single 38-story, 266,000-square-foot structure, the property appears as if it could be three separate wafer-like buildings set side by side with a fourth, far shorter, one nestled at the foot of the other three. On the building’s south side, the copper-colored aluminum wall system clads the entire height of the building, accentuating its vertical presence.

Linetec’s proprietary and warrantied copper anodize finish is accomplished through a three-step electrolytic coloring method, rather than the standard two-step process. The resulting finish remains a bright copper color, with no patina over time. It does not require a clear coat or ongoing treatment to maintain color stability. It is available for extrusion, stretch-formed and flat sheet aluminum, before or after assembly.

Supporting The Forge’s healthy, sustainable goals and LEED criteria, Linetec’s anodized services produce no harmful or dangerous by-products and is non-hazardous. Anodized aluminum is an inert, non-combustible material that is 100 percent recyclable and poses no health risks. Anodize aluminum resists the ravages of time, temperature, corrosion, humidity and warping. Protecting and maintaining the structural integrity of the aluminum, it retains exceptional hardness and lasting durability.

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