On-Site, Environmentally-Sensitive Repair and Restoration for Aluminum Finishes

MadisonCourthouse-fieldrepaint3An environmentally-responsible coating system is available for on-site repair of damage related to building construction, as well as the restoration of the finish of existing structures. This Aqua air-dry system (ADS) coating for on-site finishing helps preserve commercial and residential properties’ green goals, as well as performance and aesthetics.

The water-based Aqua ADS was created to meet the interior specifications for the Green Seal® Standard and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™, offering very low-VOC (volatile organic compound) content.

According to the LEED 2009 IEQ Credit 4.2: Low Emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings, architectural paints and coatings applied to the buildings interior must not exceed the VOC content limits in the Green Seal Standard. Along with the paint, any primer and cleaner used must also fall within the LEED guidelines.

Currently, there is no verification that touch-up, repairs and future renovations of a project certified under LEED for New Construction will be conducted in accordance with the rating system’s objectives. Unless the owner seeks a separate certification for LEED for Commercial Interiors, ensuring LEED-compatible, on-site finishing is unlikely. Linetec, and our field service team, partner with owners, managers, contractors and manufacturers to maintain the criteria outlined by LEED.


Beyond LEED, more communities and individuals are voicing their concerns about the chemicals and particulates used in restoring and renovating the interior of their homes, 

schools, offices and public spaces. Consider such examples as preservation projects with historical artifacts, health care facilities with sensitive medical equipment and patients with compromised immune systems, residential and office towers with occupants that are reluctant to be relocated during  renovations. These are exactly the types of projects for Linetec and the Aqua ADS low-VOC coating application.

Linetec draws from nearly 30 years of experience in applying low- and no-VOC architectural finishes. For projects in most jurisdictions requiring additional certifications, Linetec’s Field Service team is trained and licensed to meet their local needs.

Architects, building owners and other professionals engaged in green building practices can learn more about the role of finishes by visiting Linetec’s website.

Touch-Up Paint – How to Apply and When to Use

What is Touch-up Paint

Upon request, and dependent on job size, applicators may supply a limited amount of touch-up paint with completed projects. Touch-up paint is supplied in small aerosol cans or bottles with a built in brush for easy application. It is intended to cover small blemishes or to touch-up exposed cut ends on fabricated parts.

The touch-up paint provided by Linetec is the same paint used on your project with a cure additive made available by the paint manufacturers. Each paint type has its own additive that changes the paint from an oven-cured product to a non-oven cured one. Touch-up paint does not have the same adhesion or durability as the factory applied coatings, and will exhibit chalking and fading characteristics at a noticeably faster rate than that of your building painted with a baked-on PVDF (Kynar®) finish. Therefore, it is recommended that touch-up paint be used as sparingly as possible, no more than a few square inches, as any touch-up will become faded in contrast with the original building color after only a few years.

What is Kynar® ADS

Field repair to interior sills damaged during installation

Kynar® ADS (Air-dry System) coatings are designed for repairing, restoring, and/or repainting the metal on buildings that have a factory applied PVDF (Kynar®) coating. Kynar® ADS can also be used for painting materials that will not tolerate the elevated bake temperatures required by spray-applied PVDF coatings. Kynar® ADS coatings can only be applied by a licensed fluoropolymer applicator, such as Linetec and its field service and restoration team.

Kynar® ADS coatings are based on a fluoropolymer-acrylic resin system, intended for use as a two-coat system. Kynar® ADS provides very good fade, chalk, UV degradation, and chemical resistance characteristics.


When applying touch-up use extreme caution as excessive use may void the original finisher’s warranty. Because of the serious liabilities involved with field touch-up, Linetec prefers not to manufacture or sell touch-up products but will sell larger quantities (quarts) only under a no liability clause with an authorized signature.

Any job requiring Linetec field repair using ADS because of an unlikely Linetec finish issue is warranted in parallel with the Linetec factory warranty.

Field repair projects utilizing the Kynar® ADS system are warranted on an individual basis; the standard warranty for field finishing is 5 years from date of completion. Other warranty options are used depending upon the base metal condition, site location, type of damage, etc.

For directions on how to apply touch up, and when use visit our touch-up paint web page